Risk Management

Through Assessments and Audits 

Risk management is an ever-evolving category. To help our members stay abreast of developments, trends and changes, CURIE offers, through a network of respected business partners, access to a variety of value-added risk management services. Listed below are number of services and programs that member universities can access for free or special member rates. 

For additional information on any of these services, please contact John Breen at jbreen@curie.org. CURIE also offers complimentary seminars on risk management. For information on upcoming seminars, please, log in and go to Training.

Risk Management Services

In addition to general risk management assessment and assistance, we offer a number of specialized services listed below. To read more about each service, please log in.

  • Premises Liability Inspections consist of site inspections to identify physical risks that could result in a liability claim.
  • Aquatic Safety Audit of swimming pool operations is available to our subscribers through the Lifesaving Society. 
  • Lab & Storage Audit consists of three parts; an assessment of the overall physical condition of equipment, an assessment of chemical storage & handling procedures and a review of laboratory safety.
  • Engineering Services assessments involve inspection of fire suppression systems (e.g. sprinkler system), important in preventing future problems due to improper design or installation. 
  • Sport Risk Program has three stages which include inspections, documentation, and risk management plans.
  • Student Event program provides consultative services and resources to assist student services, student life departments and student groups in planning events.
Risk Management Guide

Our guide offers insights and information to members involved directly or indirectly with risk management.

Occupiers Liability – Inside and Outside Hazards.

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