Knowledgeable Experts and Cost-effective Services to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs 


Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange, known as CURIE, is the most specialized option available created specifically for large and small universities across Canada. As a non-profit reciprocal insurance exchange, we offer comprehensive insurance products at rates 20% to 45% lower than industry, high-value risk management programs, plus essential knowledge sharing among the CURIE community of staff and members.

Our philosophy is to be flexible: we want to work with you to ensure not only the best insurance coverage, but fair and just claims settlements. CURIE’s strategic management of each claim means efficient and effective processing.

As risk management is becoming more complicated and enterprise wide, CURIE offers extensive risk management education and consultation to help you access each risk associated with issues impacting today’s universities.

Our site offers extensive information, reports and downloadable forms for your convenience. To access our member homepage, please log in. If you haven’t already, join our LISTSERV and gain valuable insight from other CURIE members.


Why Choose Us?

  • Knowledge sharing among members Insurance rates below industry
  • Strategic management of premiums and claims
  • Non-profit
  • Expert risk management
  • Risk management education

Benefits of Membership


Connect with your peers, gain insight into solutions and issues at other universities while growing your experience. Talk to CURIE about our stable, cost-effective coverage programs, each tailored to suit your needs. Today, risk management is increasingly complicated and enterprise wide. Contact our experts to find out how we can help manage risk. Underwriting and investment income is retained by the reciprocal.

Our focus is not driven by the bottom line nor endless exclusions. We work for you to deliver optimal outcomes on every claim recognizing your long-term interests. We can help you stay up to date on current news and developments. Sign up for a complimentary webinar about related topics.