Partner Services

Duff & Phelps. 

Duff & Phelps (formerly American Appraisal Canada, Inc.) works with CURIE subscribers in the provision of Replacement Cost Studies and Cost of Reproduction New appraisals. While you may be most familiar with these services we wish to remind you that their valuation capabilities span the entire spectrum of property economics. More specifically, they can provide:

  • Real estate appraisals to assist in purchase and/or sale decisions.
  • Detailed fixed asset programs to facilitate your compliance with the new accounting standards for not-for-profits.
  • Appraisals of all types of personal property to establish the tax basis of any charitable donations which your university may receive.
  • Appraisals to support lease transactions including the provision of residual values.

To learn more and to contact Duff & Phelps visit

Mercer AD&D and Emergency Access Medical Plan

Mercer Human Resource Consulting in conjunction with American Home Assurance Company has developed an AD&D plus Emergency Excess Medical plan for CURIE member Universities. This plan offers a number of choices to each University to enable you to design the plan to meet your needs.

The AD&D portion of the plan has two or three options to choose from while the Out-of-Province Medical is a set plan. The pricing for the AD&D plan, with the exception of the Volunteers, is provided on a per person basis while the Excess Medical is priced based on the number of full-time equivalent number of students.

A summary of the plans being offered follows. You will note that the Board of Governors coverage is priced on the actual number of Board Members for the AD&D and banded with flat premiums for the Out-of-Province Medical.

AD&D coverage for the Volunteer, Sports Teams and Students offers two levels of coverage. The difference in the costing of this coverage is that the Sports Teams and Students are on a per person basis while the Volunteers are banded according to student enrolment with a flat premium for each band.

There are three options for the Staff/Faculty under the AD&D and they have also been priced on a per person basis. The non-student Catastrophic Coverage is to provide protection for anyone who is participating in any program being provided for non-students on the premises of the University (i.e. any person using the pool or any other facility for a meeting etc.).

Marsh Wrap-around Insurance Program

Marsh has developed a premium insurance program that provides competitive premiums, tailored coverages, centralized services from a team of professionals focused on university risk and operation.

Marsh Supplemental Benefits Coverage

CURIE have had discussions with members looking for Long Term Disability coverage for individuals who have reached the age of 65 or require LTD coverage for a severance period.

As an example the LTD coverage provided by Sun Life through the Universities Canada plan is terminated at age 65.  As more and more employees continue to work past 65 this facility through Marsh Canada can fill these coverage gaps.  For further information and coverage available please click here