Aquatic Safety Audit

Lifesaving Society

Through the Lifesaving Society CURIE is offering “Aquatic Safety Audits” of swimming pool operations to our subscribers. CURIE will pay 100% of the consulting costs associated with the audit.  Lifesaving Society certified Aquatic Safety Inspectors have undergone extensive training to familiarize themselves with the safe operating standards of aquatic facilities.  Aquatic Safety Inspectors use a detailed Lifesaving Society-designed checklist to assess the facility.  Inspectors classify checklist items found to be below standard as either "priority" or "secondary" concerns.

A full inspection involves an exhaustive process including a full inspection of the facility.  For a complete inspection, access must be provided to the:

  • Entranceway
  • Public and staff changerooms
  • Deck
  • Pool office
  • Equipment room
  • Filter room
  • Chlorine room

Please allow approximately 3 -4  hours for an Aquatic Safety Inspector to complete a facility inspection.  Inspectors do not require exclusive use of the facility.  Inspections may take place at any time except during facility shutdown periods when the pool tank has been emptied or when the filter system is shut down. For more information please contact John Breen

For a list of Lifesaving Society locations please click here